Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pieces in other places

Wofford students at Hub City Farmer's Market (Aug 2014)

Dropout? Yes. Slacker? Yes, yes I am. I'm a serial MOOC dropout, and now I'm a slacker in the blogosphere ... no new posts since June! The truth is, my writing has migrated to other places for the last fews months. This piece here, for Wofford Today, shares how rewarding it's been for me to teach and learn in a community of caring, fun-loving people. And this piece, for a startup grocery cooperative of which I'm a part, shares a story about the food on dinner plates and the big collective dream people have to build a better local food economy and a culture of food entrepreneurship in Upstate South Carolina.

It's fall, and the leaves have turned, and like the birds migrating over my neighborhood, I'll circle back soon to this place for story-sharing, with new tales to tell from the months away.

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  1. Don't stop writing. If you are migrating to somewhere, don't stop writing. Keep going on with this website.