Monday, March 31, 2014

Becoming Useless

Curriculum Fellows teams build teaching units for local schools (Oct 2013)

There is humility, moral clarity, courage, and a call to action in the words I’ve heard lately from young leaders.

Consider the words of a current senior at Wofford: the hands of the child I met in Peru are just as capable as mine. What’s my role in the world I share with her? Hear the thoughtfulness of another student: Our work is about people and potential, not about problems. And think for a moment about the implications of this line from Jeff, who started a university group to design and implement engineering projects alongside residents of the Haitian Central Plateau: We want to make ourselves useless.

When you’re out and about, on campus, in your community, or in a community far away, do you see a partner or a problem? Do you listen or talk? And if you’re fortunate enough to have something to contribute (because someone cultivated that something in you), do you aim to make yourself useless by passing on all of what you have to give?